Advice on this trade?

TJ Hockenson and Miles Sanders for Ekeler?

Depends on your roster and immediate need. Full PPR, I would do this if I have another good TE.

WR: Antonio Brown, Golladay, E. Sanders, Dede
RB: Zeke, Carson, Michel, M. Sanders
TE: HOckenson, Herndon

I would obviously have to pick one up temporarily until herndon is not suspended anymore. I was just gonna bite the bullet

I would scrap the deal and go after a WR instead. Your RBs look very good.

True, I just love the upside of Ekeler now that Henry and Williams are out.

I would only do this deal if you could then flip Ekeler/Sony/Carson for an upgrade at WR.

What @WeezerMike said

Gordon is expected to come back mid season. Ekeler will still have a role when he does, but his upside wonā€™t be as high. So if you really want Ekeler, be ready to trade him away a few weeks before Gordon comes back.

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Also, Mike Williams is back at practice today.

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@Wells_Faine @Mike_Honcho

he just also offered kupp and breida for carson.

Iā€™m not sur ehow I feel about it

Absolutely not. Carson is a bellcow and Breida is a #1. Kupp is good but not that good. For Carson and Breida, the return would have to be a top 5 or 6 receiver.

Sorry not sure if i type it incorrectly but I would be getting kupp and breida and he would get carson.

Missed that, but I still would not give up Carson. If healthy all season, he is a RB1 with top 5 potential.