Advice on trade Connor/Kerryon

Hey footclan. Recently I’ve been here asking for help on how to improve my team towards. Last night I was offered a trade. I’d be trading James Connor for Kerryon Johnson. The guy I’d be trading Connor to is also the bell owner and like myself he is 6-2 in the league. My other RB are Melvin Gordon, Duke Johnson and jordon horward. How do you feel about this trade? If we both keep this up we might face each other in the championship

You know what i’d hold Conner here. Not that i don’t like Johnson but while Conner gets all the touches it’s not even close between them. As we know nothing about what Bell is doing it’s very difficult to value Conner right now. Technically Bell needs to sign his franchise tag next week to be a UFA next year but he’s been asking the Steelers for a further 2 week roster exemption etc so it’s anyone’s guess what happens but you could be looking at 3 more weeks of Conner here.

Trading him is the safe thing to do and if it’s the Bell owner the price needs to go up frankly, if for some reason Bell doesn’t come back (some behind the scenes deal we will never know about) or comes back and splits time keeping Conner could win you your championship. I think Kerryon is a start but you need to ask for more because the Bell owner is trading for the Steelers backfield as a whole, which no matter who is there produces an every week RB1 yes? So if he wants Conner and Bell he is guaranteeing that production so you can get more from him.