Advice on who my keepers should be?

I have an idea of who to keep but thought it would be fun to throw this out and see if I get any other insights. This is a 2 QB 1/2 ppr with 2 keepers per year. The draft type is auction so I won’t lose any draft picks for my keepers.

Alex Smith, Derek Carr, Lev Bell, Keenan Allen, Hopkins, Cooper


If there is no Auction price for either its easy for me.

Lev Bell and Hopkins.

Bell, hopkins.

Wouldn’t fight you if you went Allen either.

There has to be a auction price associated with each player. If they are just free its a league that I want to be in because that would be insane… So lists the prices of each if there is some.

But yeah $0 for all… Hopkins and Bell no question… Then allen would be my 3rd… Cooper would be the only one I’d consider if prices are involved and bell or Hopkins was way over market value