Advice on who to drop for RSJ

12 Team 0.5 PPR

So my team is currently Alex Smith, Keenum, Gurley, Kamara, McCaffery, Tevon Coleman, Perine, Crowder, Goodwin, Corey Coleman, Sterling Shepard, Robert Woods, and ASJ

My WR situation is pretty bad when compared to my RBs, but I’m looking to pick up RSJ with hopes he’ll have a better playoff run than ASJ (the schedule is pretty nice). Who do I drop for RSJ? I’m leaning towards Corey Coleman or Shepard. I have no faith in Geno and very little faith in Kizer so they seem like the easiest to get rid of. Woods is also tempting since he’s not coming back till week 15 against Seattle, but if I’m playing then he’s probably my best WR. Based on their schedule I’d be happy playing Coleman or Shepard week 14 and 16 so they are serving similar roles here. I just wish Manning was playing and this would be a no-brainer. Any advice would be great, thanks!

I’d drop Coleman with Gordon coming back. Plus if eli goes back under center Shepard is a lock wr2