Advice on who to keep

Hello everyone, was hoping for some advice on 3 players to keep. The league I am in determines keepers a little differently than anything I’ve been a part of before. They use a predetermined list, and how that player falls on the list is the round he will be kept in. It’s a full point PPR, 12 team league, so if a player is say ranked 14 on the list, he will be kept as a 2nd round keeper.

Here are the players I have available to me:
Stephon Diggs 4rth round
Kenyon Drake 4rth round
Greg Olsen 6th round
Cooper Kupp 6th round
Cam Newton 7th round
Phillip Rivers 11th round
Aaron Jones 9th round

I know, it doesn’t look all that great. I would say, luckily I have the 1rst pick of the draft, however all the top ranked players will be kept-- the best guy available is Saquon Barkley.

The value for Diggs, Newton, and Olsen are good ones! I would say to look and keep those but it might not be a bad call to get Diggs, Olsen, and Rivers due to two players being on the same team. I like Rivers value at 11 too

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That kind of sucks. So you dont get any values basically because it’s essentially based off of ADP. Diggs kupp and jones. You get to keep your early rounders, and you get plenty of potential. I dont love it, but knowing you have the first pick and barkely in the bag, it makes me feel better about it. But I still dont love it

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I really appreciate the advice!

I don’t like the way the league determines keepers myself. I’ve been it now for 22 years and I guess it’s more about tradition with friends, however, money is involved…

AKForty, I was definitely considering Diggs and I hope he doesn’t move up on the list before it locks one week before the start of the season. Rivers was also on my radar as well. I didn’t consider Olsen though, but I think Norv Turner really likes the TE position in his play calling.

BusterD Diggs, Kupp, and Rivers were originally who I was thinking. However, Aaron Jones really is compelling and he’s been the main one I’ve thought about inserting in place of the 3 I mentioned. I really think he’s the best back in the triple headed monster they have in Green Bay.

Guys, I really appreciate your insight. It looks like it’s going to be a tough decision.

Wow, looks as though you hit the jackpot! We’d go Diggs, Drake & Cam. And celebrate as you got Saquan! Diggs’ got a 30T million dollar arm slinging the rock, he’ll find a way to stay healthy. He reminds me of Antonio Brown during his first 4 years. Drake got tremendous yardage upside. Just his 3rd year and if he can stay on the field, watch out NFL. Gotta go Cam as it’s do or die the rest of way thru his career

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I like Olsen, 6th round for him isn’t bad, and when he’s healthy he’s so reliable for points week to week. I think Rivers is a good option too again because he is reliable and giving up an 11th round pick for him won’t mess with your early draft strategy other than giving you a security blanket to reduce the temptation to take a QB too early. Diggs would probably be my 3rd spot, the reasons for that have been covered

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What are your guys thoughts on Cooper Kupp? After he posted 869 yards last year you’d think he would be getting more talk around his name, but it’s not really the case. I’m just curious if I am missing something. I really liked the connection he had as a first year player with Goff. I was not totally chased away with the Rams signing Cooks, who I think has less talent than the often injured and departed Sammy Watkins… who I think has more skill in the route tree.

Cooper Kupp is fine, but there’s more value in the 6th than keeping the #3 wr in the Rams offense which is due for some regression.

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Diggs, Rivers, Jones are the three I want. Diggs’ ceiling is as a solid WR1, so there’s great value even in the 4th, Rivers is annually the most underrated QB in the league, and in Keeper formats is a great pair to one of the young kids you can keep in future years, and Jones is the best runner on one of the best offenses in football. He’ll get plenty of opportunity when he comes back from his 2 game suspension.

And for the “keep Drake” crowd; you’re not concerned with the Dolphins releasing their unofficial depth chart that listed Drake and Gore as “co-starters”? I’ve been saying it all along… the Dolphins are trying their damnedest to take the ball out of Drakes hands (for no reason other than they’re the Dolphins).

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i think cooper kupp is actually one of the potential steals of the draft this year. i wouldnt bank all my money on it, but i think there is a good chance for it. some might say nothing has changed for him. i think a lot has. if you look at the first half of the year last year compared to the second half, its night and day. here are his 2 stat lines comparing his first 8 games, to his last 8 (he didnt play week 16 so i just averaged out the last 7 really and gave him that average for week 16)

1-8: 52 receptions 740 yards

9-16: 82 receptions 1140 yards

he EARNED his way onto that field and into a bigger roll. even getting 5 TDs throughout the year. and now, sammy watkins is gone. sure, cooks is there now but he plays a different roll. cooper is going to take most of what is left over from watkins, because watkins was getting those TDs and receptions in coopers part of the field. im not saying he is going to get all of those TDs and receptions that watkins left over, but that slot is his roll. and i think he does it well. a potential stat line for him is what he was pacing the second half of the season plus TDs. so something like…

82 1140 and 9 TDs

thats giving him half of watkins TDs from last year plus what he already had. now again, im not saying thats what he will do. but the potential is there. thats why im willing to spend a 6th on him.

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That’s exactly what my mindset was BusterD. And, if you throw in the fact that the Rams ran a 3 wide receiver set 83% of their plays last year it really makes sense.

As it stands I am definitely keeping Diggs. After that it’s more than likely Rivers in the 11th round, and then I am leaning in this order towards either one of these : Kupp, Aaron Jones, or Olsen. That third spot is going to be the hard decision.

Diggs, Rivers and Jones is what I feel you need to do here. I’d also be ok with swapping Drake for Diggs assuming you can keep one as both 4th round? But yeah originally Diggs, Rivers and Jones. Diggs you know what you’re gettin and it’s a good 4th rd pick. Rivers and you’re set at Qb and could still grab someone like Jimmy G, or a rookie to go along with the steady production of Rivers. And Jones is the best back there and it’s his Job when he comes back. If you can team Barkley with these picks now you’re talking. If you have Barkley, Jones, Diggs and Rivers that is not a bad way to start a draft.

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Diggs Kupp and Jones for me. Knowing you get Saquon at 1.01 is very comforting. Only other one I’d consider is Drake although not much value there.

No chance I’m keeping a QB or TE. There’s no value there at all and QB is extremely deep.

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