Advice on Zeke needed

I know we are all wondering the same thing… Will Zeke play the whole season? Will Zeke miss any games…

I draft one of my leagues this weekend and theres all this new “CONTACT MIGHT GET DONE THIS WEEKEND” or “HE WONT MISS ANYTIME” talk and its heating up…

Am I crazy for wanting to take Zeke #1 cause I think he will play from week 1?

Or should I avoid the risk and take someone like Kamara instead?.. Half Point PPR

I know a bunch of us have this choice this weekend… Lets figure it out together lol

No matter how much you think on it, you’ll never know. None of us will.

Will ANY of the top 4 play 16 games? Won’t know till the final whistle of Week 17.

Draft the player who makes you feel the best to have on your team.