Advice: Pick up Corey Grant

Feel like nobody is mentioning this. Corey Grant should be starting this week for a good Jax offense. And he might be needed the whole season. And he’s been quite good when he’s seen the ball. Add him asap.

Would you play him over Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson, Aaron Jones (My rb2 choice) or james white/Burkhead (best on waivers) this week?

If it’s Sunday morning and Fournette/Yeldon are both still injured, or better yet, ruled Out entirely, and Grant is specifically slated to start the game, I’d actually play Grant over any of the aforementioned options. But, James White could be played, too, and he is undoubtedly better to have on your roster for season-long purposes at this stage.

I agree with everything @falcones404 has said.

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