Advice please! QB, WR, Flex for Championship!

Hey everyone, debating over who to play for the championship match - any advice welcome!
Standard scoring

QB: Goff or Jackson?

WR: Hopkins (in), but who of Edelman, Anderson, Robinson?

Flex: Could include any of the other WR, plus Lindsay, D Williams, J Williams, Breida

(Other RBs are currently Kamara and Mixon)

  1. Jackson
  2. Edelman
  3. Williams

Which Williams? And why? :slight_smile: Was leaning Lindsay

I agree with Andrew.
Those would be my 3 picks as well(assuming he means Damien Williams).

Most of these guys are ranked around the same, but most do have Lindsay above either Williams - reason for playing D. Williams over Lindsay?

Also interested in any thoughts on Jackson vs. Goff - Jackson just have a higher floor with the running? Opponent has 2 Ram players, so playing Goff could help offset any possible TDs.

Damien Williams just had 2 weeks in a row where he scored 2 TDs. Also, high powered offense leads to more opportunity. Even if they’re playing a good defense.

Jackson has a better floor than Goff. I am now flip flopping and switching to Goff. Just thought about C.J. Anderson being the lead back with john Kelly as back up. 3 TDs coming up for Goff and mostly all going to Brandin Cooks!!!

Yes of course. D will

Goff’s qbr the last few weeks has been among the worst in the NFL. You think hes gonna turn it around down in PHX? Maybe but im glad I dont have to make that decision.

It is more a question of perhaps a more solid floor (Jackson) or trying to offset TDs if Goff does return to life (since my opponent has Cooks).

With this match up, I imagine he will.