Advice please! Team Rate ROS

Hey guys,

Trade deadline is tomorrow and I’ve made some trade and waiver moves. This is my current team

12-team .5 ppr - redraft - 1 QB 2 WR 2 RB 1 TE 1 Flex

QB - Fitzpatrick, L. Jackson
WR - Julio, Adams, Keenan, J. Brown
RB - M. Gordon, Conner, DJ, Breida
TE - Vance, Uzomah
Kicker - Gostkowski
Defense - Minn

How is my team looking for the rest of season? I’m 8-1. Waivers is a graveyard and I feel the league has exhausted all trade options and most owners are holding tight.

Thoughts on Vikings defense ROS? Jags are on waivers and clear tomorrow so I could try and scoop them up and drop Minn.

Thanks guys!!!

I would try to package Breida and Fitz for a better and more consistent QB like Rivers or Big Ben. You have Gordon DJ and Conner. You wont need Breida. And The Jags D is slightly overrated, but id get them. They have easy playoff fantasy schedule.

Very weak at QB and TE for me for ROS.

Bell owner tested the waters and asked for DJ and Fitzpatrick for Bell and Rivers. Thoughts?

Agreed! Trying to get that QB situated. Guys are holding tight to their TE’s haha

Meh. I wouldn’t. Bell either splits with connor or doesn’t play at all. DJ has a cake schedule and you know hes the bellcow there.

Maybe you counter with Connor and Fitz for Rivers and someone else fair value that may help you?