Advice Please!

Is it potential trade advice you’d like?

Yes. My record is 3-3 right now but I’m not putting up points like I need to. Not sure what to do

Jones, Diggs, Ridley and Waller hasn’t produced quite as well as I expected but I think there’s still a lot of season left for them to find the groove.

But I think the move is to pick two or three of the depth pieces and try turn them into one locked starter. Has anybody in the league asked about anyone?

I like the core of your team - Hurts, Jones, Diggs, Ridley and Waller should and will get it going for you I’d hold them.

You could do with an upgrade at RB2 but that’s hard to do at the minute.

Does anyone have an abundance of RBs, thin at WR? Anyone still viewing Gaskin (unlikely) or Davis as viable low end RB2s?

If someone bites you might have to try the 2 or 3 for one trade and sell some of your depth, maybe Claypool and either two RBs or another WR and RB to get an upgrade.

Short of that, who’s on waivers at RB?

I’d also like to try and get hold of Dillion in your position. What does the Dillion manager have?

You need that insurance to lock down a backfield, if you can’t get another starter back I’d prioritise getting Jones insured given what’s happening to RBs this year.