Advice Regarding Le'veon Bell Trade

Good evening folks, I am another unfortunate Le’veon Bell owner struggling with the decision to trade him or not. I am starting to think he won’t return until week 10 in which case I need to move him soon before he loses value.

The league is a 10-team 0.5 PPR. I’m considering offering Bell straight up to four different owners to try to acquire Kamara, Gordon, Fournette, or Barkley. Do you agree that it’s the right time to jump ship on Bell? And how would you prioritize trading for those four players?

For reference, my other RBs are Devonta Freeman, Marshawn Lynch, Rex Burkhead, Rashaad Penny, and Sony Michel. Thanks folks!

I have a hard time believing the other owners will give up the player who just had monster games this weekend for a guy who may not return until week 10.

You are going to have to pay more for Kamara rn. Gordon or Fournette are probably the guys to target. Fournette got banged up this week, so if you are ok with the injury risk, you could probably make an offer for him.

Your ship has sailed buddy. The right time to jump ship on Bell was last Friday. Before the Saturday date. Cause if he missed saturday, general consensus was he would hold out 10 weeks. No reason for him to show up now. If he didn’t care about $900K last week, he’s not going to care about it this week. You took a risk and paid the price. That’s okay, part of fantasy. But I would probably level set your expectations with what you’ll be getting in return and it won’t be most of those guys. If you’re expecting Kamara/Barkley/Gordon in return, you’re in for disappointment.

If anyone offered you any of Kamara/Gordon/barkley, last week, you should’ve jumped on it. It is very unlikely you will get anything remotely close to that now. If you do, take it and run. Fournette is a question mark now, especially with hamstring injuries. Soft tissue damage is the worst. They never fully recover during the season and high risk of reinjury. I would rank the 4 as follows:

Kamara > Barkley > Gordon.