Advice to get the one seed in my league

One more game and I have the one seed. I need the win though. Need advice.

Qb- matt ryan or mitch magic
Wrs- juju, Diggs, cooper
Rbs- cmc, Gurley, DJ
Te- gronk Everett
K- badgley
Def- denver, rams

I’m thinking cmc and Gurley for rbs. Diggs and juju for wrs. My question is do I do DJ or cooper in the flex. Cooper coming off monster game but how do you bench dj.

Bump. Any thoughts anyone?

Both Truby and Gurley, of which I have both, concern me slightly this week, considering BOTH coming off injury and BOTH major needs for the P/O’s.

I’m not playing Truby this week, playing Wilson, but…as you mentioned with DJ…how can you possibly sit Gurley if he’s active???

BUT…I would prob end up playing DJ over Cooper. Coop’s got Lattimore covering him this week, which could be a prob.

Man…IDK…LOL…that’s a tough one.

BTW…GREAT JOB @Pmanningthegoat!!! :+1:

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Cooper has a history of vanishing against top corners.

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LOL @psychosem17. You beat me to the punch. I was fixin’ to EDIT my last post with this “follow-up” that I was just reading:

he’ll likely draw Saints CB Marshon Lattimore. Despite this solid cover cornerback, New Orleans has allowed the most WR fantasy points per game in the league.

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That just makes it a Cole Beasley, Zeke, Michael Gallup kind of day! :stuck_out_tongue: He did do well against Norman on Thanksgiving though, but Lattimore is younger and better at this point IMO. ’

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Thanks for the advice guys. This could be a stinker performance for cooper. And mcvay said Gurley is fine so I have to believe him lol.

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LOL @Pmanningthegoat…as I mentioned…I also have Gurley and have him starting. HOW CAN YOU NOT??? :smirk:

Just always worries me starting a KEY player just off injury. BUT…what else can you do with someone like Gurley???:smirk:

I’d play DJ over Cooper