Advice to trade for WR

Been posting bits and pieces of options but will put it all here to hopefully get some advice. My team is looking rough at WR in the near team, but hoping to hold out for some injuries.

QB: Jackson
RB: CMC, Fournette, Michel, Jacobs
WR: Hill (INJ), Green (INJ), Anderson, Jones Jr., Fuller, Metcalk
TE: Walker, Waller

What seems like a more reasonable option that also doesn’t end up disrupting my depth too much…

  • Offer one of my TEs to the guy who just lost Henry for Cooks (he also has Evans and Allen slotted as his main WRs)

  • Offer one of my RBs (obviously aside from CMC) for say Amari Cooper or Tyler Boyd? (Owner also has Julio who seems out of reach, but only really has David Johnson at RB - also has Coleman).

  • Could perhaps also try one of my RBs for Diggs though that owner doesn’t have a ton of depth beyond Adams and Dede - RBs are Cook, Montgomery, Sanders, Ito, and Guice

Standard scoring.
Appreciate any advice.

Is there any wide receivers on the waiver wire you could look at it picking up? I feel like unless you pair two players together it would be tough getting a bigger name wide receiver, but your league might be different for trading players! Who is on the waiver wire?

“Top” options would be Hardman, McLaurin, AJ Brown, Washington