Advice Wanted! #Footclan

Greetings folks! Although I haven’t put many good samples on the forums here, or really in any location, I’ve been a commish of a couple leagues for several consecutive years and each year I get re-elected as commish mostly because of how I handle league issues (complete transparency with all league members and full league votes on all issues) but one of the things my league mates have told me that they really like is my weekly write-ups!

Once all the games are played I would put together a write up. I write it from the perspective of an announcer and delve into each matchup (example: twelve player league needs six write ups for each matchup). I talk about the players played, and the players benched, their best performers and their worst performers, crazy plays that completely altered the outcome of that matchup and I even break down the most points each team could have gotten had they played their best lineup. I’ve made fun trophies that get awarded each week and I even put out weekly polls when I’m really on top of my stuff.

A couple of my league members encouraged me to consider writing for a forum or blog or even just sharing my takes more often. I’m not sure where the best place to do this is! I’d love to talk about Fantasy Football and even the NFL more. I’ve been greatly inspired by Andy, Mike and Jason especially during their most recent AMA when they talked about people wanting to get into Sports writing and suggested that people stay true to their own unique brand. It really got me thinking.

This isn’t a “I want to quit my day job how can i get paid for writing things?” post this is a “hey, I might have a unique style, or I might not! does anyone have any suggestions for how I explore this?” I’d even love to facilitate more conversations on these forums! Especially during this off-season! Thanks Footclan!

Good for you man. I suggest you read a variety of articles from different people in the business of writing articles or blogs to get a sense of time and scale of the endeavor. If you have YouTube experience I would suggest you start writing articles you like and upload them there. That will allow you a wide range of feedback, weed out the hardcore sports fans and allow you to grow a following compared to if you created your own webpage since your new. Rookie drafting, FA, dynasty, coaching changes and rules changes are big topics right now you might want to consider delving into.

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Thank you!! I appreciate your advice!!

No problem man. Hope it works out.

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