Advise on this trade

Full point ppr…I have gronk and Adams… I would get graham and McCaffery… would y’all do it?

That’s tough. I lean towards no because the graham to gronk difference is going to be huge but I don’t know what the rest of your roster looks like and that could make all the difference.

My gut is no. Gronk is way too valuable and I really don’t like Graham that much.

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if you can get a good 3rd piece and what you would have to drop isn’t much, do that, otherwise i decline, too much for cmc

I agree with the 2 above posts. If you spent the draft capital on Gronk, it was for a reason, and that’s because no other TE comes close.

CMC is going to be incredible in ppr, but we don’t know your RB situation. Unless they are atrocious, the points you get with gronk will make up the difference between them and CMC.

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