After 5 years I joined

After 5 years of playing fantasy, I decided to buy in to UDK.
I’m now 0-6 in my 8 man league and In the lower ranking on 2 other leagues. Isn’t this supposed to give me the edge. I’ve never had such a losing streak in any league ever. I’m following every podcast and used their tier based cheat sheet when drafting, and trying but seems like everything is wrong. Anyone else having this kind of luck?

It’s not ideal at all. I think the show and UDK are really more suited to 12 team leagues. In 8 there’s less variables as every team is stacked. In 14 team or higher you’re unlikely to get many guys in waivers etc that are in your league. I still enjoy the show but it can’t cater to every format completely.

I hope your luck turns soon