After Thursdays game, I'm in a bad hole, Who do I flex? Need to start 2 flex positions in roster

I started Freeman and Ertz from Thursdays game

Its 6 pt passing tds, half ppr, full point for first downs, there’s also bonus points for 40 yd plays and if you get a certain yardage amount

We start 3 wr, 2rb, 2 flex.

My other rb spot is Conner

My QB is Cam

I currently have my 3 wr, Hogan, Robinson, and I figured to swing for some upside and put John Brown in my lineup, do you guys agree with putting Brown in the lineup?

So here are my options for 2 flex

Baldwin vs Chris Harris, Randall Cobb, Dion Lewis, Jordan Wilkins, Smooth Routes Kenny G, Mike Gilly.

I know Baldwin should get volume but it’s a tough matchup.

Who should I go with? Should I start Wilkins if Mack is out? Indy defense is bad though and who knows if Christine Michael will get some work too

Should I go with safe low risk players or should I go with players that will give me the most volume and td upside?

Thanks Footclan!

Nothing worse than your Thursday night players underwhelming and putting you on tilt. It’s 2 days of misery and second-guessing yourself.

According to the Ballers new tool, you ought to go Baldwin, Dion, Brown. That was also my first instinct, as well. I think Baldwin and Dion are definitely in, with the only tough choice being between Gilly and Smoky Brown. I’d go with Smoky to chase that 40 yd bonus.

In short, I agree with the guys.

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Upside id def go Lewis… Then it’s brown by a hair over Baldwin just because of the matchup… But wouldn’t hate it if you went Baldwin over brown.

Def throw Dion in there