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Agholor and Hill for Ginn and Gordon


I need running back depth and I was offered this trade:
Give: Tyreek Hill and Nelson Agholor
Receive: Melvin Gordon and Ted Ginn

Here’s the rest of my team:
QB: Watson
RB: Zeke, Ajayi, Mcfadden, Morris,
WR: Julio, Tyreek, Diggs, Agholor, Shepard, Smith-Schuster
TE: ASJ, Rudolph


i think i would do that trade; julio is an every week start and you will have digs and shepherd coming back soon to replace tyreek. melvin is very good and you are gonna need a replacement for Ajayi after seeing him last night.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking, thanks for the advice.


Any other opinions on this trade I’m thinking of making?


Yeah I would do that in a second…You HUGELY increase your RB position and Julio and Diggs and Ginn and Shepard should cover you just fine…


Sweet thanks for the confirmation.


I will third that, getting Melvin is always a good thing.