Agholor for Doug Martin

This guy offered Agholor for D. Martin.
My RBs are D. Martin, Elliott, Miller and A. Jones.
My WRs are Landry, Doctson, Ginn Jr., Watkins and Dede Westbrook.

What you all think? Is it a good trade for me?

With Elliott’s legal situation and the Packers offense situation, I would keep Doug Martin. But that is honestly a good trade. If there are other running backs in your waiver wire, you should accept the trade

I have Miller and Jones. And both of them are off bye. My league only has 2 RB slots, so unless one of them gets injured… I will be using them as my starting RBs, if Elliott gets suspended. My WR depth is very low. Would you accept the trade if it were you?

Running backs are tougher to get, so I would keep martin.

Keep martin. You have agholor bye week coming plus I’d be more confident to start martin most weeks whereas agholor is match up dependent

Martin ftw. He hasn’t even gotten to the juicy part of his schedule. I was just thinking he has to have rb1 value by now…