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Agholor or JJ Nelson ROS Flex


Just grabbed Agholor because I lost both ARob and Kevin White this week. Now with JB out, wondering if I should grab up Nelson while the grabbings still good.


i would, strictly this week though considering they are playing at indy and against that sorry defense


I agree forrmanj. TY. Any thoughts on either of them ROS?


honestly im not a fan of agholor, no one would be talking about him had he not had kind of a broken play touchdown. im sure you could possibly trade him to someone for a WR with more upside or even a RB cuff like james connor. but thats just me, im a RB hoarder, been burned too many times haha


TY forrmanj. Yeah…RB’s these days can be the “needles in the haystack” come mid-season. When you got a good one(s), you sit hard and stingy on them unless they get hurt. IDK…call me crazy…but for some reason my gut seems to have a screaming match going between agholor and Nelson. Hence my post. Got Agholor…just trying to beat my team-mates to the punch if Nelson suddenly becomes the “flex-gold”.