Agholor or Riddick? Ppr league

I had an older post but decided against mckinnon and Funchess this week.

I’m going back and forth between these two in the flex.

Tampa’s defense is pretty poor and Stafford with an injured hand could either do a lot of dump offs to Riddick or running plays.

Agholor could see more looks against a Rams shaky secondary, especially with Ertz being out.

I also have Mike Evans at WR2 who has been meh all year and should be matched up with Darrius Slay against Detroit.

So what do you guys think? Basically I’m torn between those 3, and any help from the foot clan is GREATLY appreciated

I hate both agholor and riddick haha so I won’t comment I’m biased I dropped them both don’t like the boom bust of ag and riddick just hasn’t produced enough in his role.

I’m not that down on Funchess like everyone this week. I’m rolling with him in full pt ppr and except 10-15 pts wouldn’t be surprised at a red zone td from the slot. Id bet he gets the opportunities he’s just gotta come down with one jump ball and I’m a happy man

Riddick if you need a safe floor, Agholor if you need some upside.