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Agholor ROS


Is he just playing way over his head, or should he be a WR2 for the rest of the season?


I think he is legit, and with Wentz playing well and the Eagles offense on the rise I like him ROS. I think most weeks he is more likely WR3/flex and WR2 depending on matchup. I like him this week vs the Skins, especially if Norman can’t play and he scored on them in week one. I tried to pick him up in my main league but he got scooped up cuz I need a defense this week.


Thanks…is he worth more than Ty Montgomery and Aaron Jones? My first thought was Montgomery and Cohen, but I like Cohen’s versatility.


I do not think he is worth more than Ty Montgomery or Aaron Jones, even without Rodgers, unless Bundley just complete falls apart will have them involved. I think Montgomery value will drop because I think it was Rodgers which made him such a good WR/RB and Jones seems like a better between the tackles RB. I am down on Cohen even after a good week. I never thought he was gonna be better than Howard but I thought with no WR’s in Chicago he would be a solid pass catching back but he is not used enough. if it is PPR Cohen has more value than Agholor, but standard I would pass on Cohen in hopes for the Agholor to keep getting open.