Ahhh, please help!

Okay, so I unfortunately had the last pick in our 12 team draft, PPR. Lets just say I learned that is a terrible spot, at least in my opinion. I am 0-3 so far. I have tried trades, but everyone keep rejecting them. One trade I thought was fair was me trading Kareem Hunt and Emmanuel Sanders for S Barkley. Anyway, I am lost as to what to do to turn this season around.

WR: J Jones, E Sanders, L Fitzgerald, K Stills, C Davis, T Boyd
RB: K Hunt, J Conner, A Collins, A Peterson, C Ivory
TE: T Eifert
QB: have been streaming, but have R Tannehill this week

Any suggestions?

Honestly, that team looks just fine to me. I think you just have to trust the process and keep moving forward. You don’t have many sell high candidates. Of everyone on your team, Peterson is the guy I would try and flip. Try and package him with another middling asset and get a stud.

That really isn’t a bad lineup, probably just bad luck with matchups. Maybe try to package someone to get a more consistent TE

Okay. I normally do fairly well each year. So this is the first time I have been starting out like this, so I guess I am panicking a bit. I was offered Mike WIlliams for Adrian Peterson, but thought I should keep AP because of my RB depth not being very good.

Your team is not that bad, I’d at least wait another week at this point. Hunt and Julio have underperformed to this point but will eventually rebound. Keep Fitz on the bench unless he is at home against an average or below average defense. You could use better options at WR3.

Alright, I’ll try to stop panicking and see what happens. I looked and I have had the second most points scored against me in our league so far. Maybe just some bad luck so far with matchups.

I just started listening to this podcast this year and it is great!! Tried to use some of their advice with trades etc, but no luck so far.

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