Aiyuk Dropped. FAAB value?

10-team PPR

Elijah Mitchell just went for 81% FAAB with multiple other bids of 50%+.

My roster

QB: Brady, Tanny
RB: CMC, Najee, Javonte, Chubba
WR: AJB, Godwin, Chark, Shenault, Anderson, Sheppard, MT (IR slot)
TE: Hock

I have to think that Aiyuk is a better season-long asset than Eli Mitchell, so I’m seriously thinking about dropping my full 100% FAAB on him. I’m the #2 waiver priority, so only one guy can possibly beat me out for him if he were to also drop 100%.

Should I just do it?

Personally I’d let the other guy drop 100 if he’s going to.

He would be a nice add to your team assuming he gets his role back soon, but you’re not desperate for him.

How much SHOULD I bid then?

In my opinion 30%-40% max. But I would be fine with being outbid when it’s a player I don’t need.

If you feel dropping the hammer and throwing 100 at him is the way to go then do it. It’s your team but in my opinion you drop 100 or figures close to it when you’ve got a desperation situation and generally rb is the only position somebody can be utterly desperate at in week 2.

I actually evaluated everyone’s roster and I think only 1-2 guys will go hard to try and get him. One of them is the guy who took Mitchell, so he only has 19% left. I figure a lot of people may expect him to blow that, so there will be multiple 20% bids. There’s one other guy who is looking a bit weak all around and he has 89%.

I’ll just bid about 22% I think. That should beat out most of the others. If the guy with 89% remaining wants to blow a ton of FAAB, no big deal.

Also, there are plenty of quality waiver options. I just now grabbed RoJo and dropped Tannehill to add some RB depth. Also Reagor, Pittman, Fuller, and Agholor are sitting on FA right now so if I don’t get Aiyuk I could just add one of them. Reagor looks pretty good.

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Well I got him for 22% and it was 22% more than I needed to bid. Not a single other person bid on him. Crazy. Very glad I did not go 100% lol

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