Aiyuk or Mostert!?!?

Everything I’m looking at says Aiyuk but I can’t help but want to start Mostert! HELP ME!?!?!? Am I crazy?!?!?

Really? I honestly thought it would be Mostert getting the hype as the play here.

Yeah, agreed. A healthy Mostert is a formidable weapon, especially in a game that screams “run out the second half.”

But it’s not like Aiyuk is a scrub. Even the “wrong” decision here probly won’t cost you much.

Probably the safest start that you’ll have for Mostert all year. Take advantage of the cake matchup before his regularly scheduled injury.

I put it into the ballers start sir tool and even that has Aiyuk as the play. I’m finding it difficult to accept it tho. Haha. I want to play Mostert.

Just remember that little lullaby that your nannies used to sing you to sleep…

"Listen to the Elf,
Trophy on the shelf.
Listen to the others,
Go crying to your mothers."