Aj brown and a 2021 1st rd for josh Jacobs?

My 2 starting running backs currently are Chase Edmonds and Zach moss. CMC is down.

Is this a good trade, giving up too much? not enough?

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Most owners would know that you’re in a dire situation especially with the news of Zack Moss being out I would look at Jeffree Wilson maybe if he is on your waivers and it’s kind of early to be trading away first round picks it’s only been two games also in my experience in Dynasty you can buy someone a lot cheaper for sure that you heard the hype on James Robinson maybe Joshua Kelly at a cheaper price although Josh Jacobs will be nice to pair with Christian McCaffrey unless you’re a contender I wouldn’t be giving up the first round maybe another player in the deal if you could sacrifice that so that in the following year you can get another runningback and add to your depth at the position after this deal