AJ Brown and Antonio Gibson for Travis Kelce and Justin Herbert

Hey everybody,

I’m playing in a non-PPR league and was offered Travis Kelce and Justin Herbert for AJ Brown and Antonio Gibson. I’m 7-2 and playoff bound. My league’s playoffs are weeks 15-17 (I know… stupid week 17), but I’ll likely have a bye for the first week anyway.

I currently have Darren Waller. If I make this trade, my RBs are Henry, Chubb, and Carson. WRs would be Julio, Diggs, and Jefferson. QBs would be Herbert, Ryan, and Tannehill, so I’d certainly try to flip somebody. Waivers are poop at this point.

Should I pull the trigger on that one? Gibson will be wasting away on my bench otherwise, but I’m scared that the Chiefs will potentially be sitting Kelce during my playoffs. Is Julio+Diggs much worse than Julio+AJ for my WRs?


I don’t see much of a benefit here. You have QBs. Your RBs have been injured a lot this year so Gibson would be a nice insurance. I think aj brown(also on my team) will regress as he’s scored a TD in every game since he’s been back. Kelce is a bump up from Waller but overall I don’t see Herbert being much of a jump over the other pieces while losing an RB

If you’re trying to flip I would talk before with someone to see that it’s even possible.