AJ Brown and Ekeler Trade

I’d give up AJ Brown and Gaskin for Ekeler and Diontae Johnson. My other receivers are Lockett, Lamb, Meyers, Higgins. Full PPR league. Are you worried about Ekeler’s injury.

As an Ekeler owner (in all three of my leagues), I am a bit worried about his injury. I might wait to see what comes out of practice today, unless the other owner has a time limit on you. I personally like the Ekeler, Johnson side more, but the injury does make me a little hesitant.

I also prefer the Eckler side, but with 2 limited practices due to the hammy you have to be a little weary. It might benefit you more to see how this week plays out before pulling any triggers, as we’re also not sure how Julio Jones’s presence will affect Brown as a potential WR1

In a PPR, I like the Ekeler/Johnson side much more, but I need to hear an update on Ekeler before I’m trading for him.