AJ Brown and McLaurin for Diggs and Kupp?

Here are my WR’s - trying to get an elite WR:

AJ Brown
R Woods
J Crowder
J Jefferson

I don’t really care about getting Kupp, but he offered the package for Brown and McLaurin. Am I giving up too much or good trade?

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I would rather have AJ Brown and McLaurin than get Diggs in return(I hear ya about Kupp- I feel the same way).

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If your giving up both brown and McLaurin you should be able to get a better WR than Diggs. Maybe adams or Hopkins depending on their owners needs.

BUT…I like brown and McLaurin ROS. McLaurin for volume with no other options there and brown is stepping up big in key situations.

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Keep brown and McLaurin unless you get a top wr or a rb/wr combo

Thank you!

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AJB / McLaurin hands down for me.

I like (and own) that Diggs / Kupp stack and it’s guessing team usage / player usage. AJB and McLaurin are unquestioned the guy on their team. Plus they are good.