AJ Brown, Chark and Mclaurin

Who out of the above 3 would you sit to start AJ Green instead? Brown has a undisclosed issue going on, Chark is going up against a very good defense.

if i had to pick one, probably chark. But i think all 3 have stud potential

If you’re going for highest ceiling, I habe Chark and McLaurin ranked virtually the same. Highest floor play is aj brown.

I’m seeing a pattern of just see what happens in week 1 and make assessments. I have a good feeling about AJ Green but his past 3 year history is not as cool as I’d like it be. Thanks for the responses!

I’d stay away from chargers D. They have Casey Hayward and Chris Harris Jr. Then Joe burrow, as good as he is, hasn’t seen any pro corners with lack of preseason. That coupled with AJ not playing in years is a HARD pass for me.

Don’t play AJ Green. I’d start Chark and Mcclaurin


Yeah, I expect chargers to have a top d.
Cbs: Hayward, Harris Jr, King
DE: Bosa, Ingram
MLB: Murray

All look good this year but AJ Green is also going up against a good defense, with that i would probably roll with Chark over him.

Thank you all for the responses! Green goes up against the wrong defense to be debating WRs I drafted over him. I’m really only worried about AJ Brown’s status since he only practiced once last week. Its Monday night football…I believe!