AJ Brown or Jefferson Wk 12?

Didn’t quite get as many points from McLaurin as I’d like. Need a good showing from my other WR spot. With Theilan maybe missing, is Jefferson a better play than AJ Brown? I need to maximize the most points I can, the last playoff spot is on the line. Another possibility, start both of them instead of Sanders on Monday in the flex spot.

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Bump please

Bump please

I’d be tempted to go Jefferson here. I’ll follow the volume and a matchup that on paper might be quite good. Don’t like benching AJ Brown but it feels the right move to me here

Hey @Mr_Wind-up_Bird, would you start both Jefferson and Brown and bench Sanders who’s in my flex?

No i think I’d play Sanders in this situation

The only concern I have with Jefferson is Thielen being out. That will bring the top DB and possible double coverage all game.

Agreed. But I think the volume should ensure he succeeds this week

Thanks for the advice guys!

True, but CAR is actually pretty stout against the pass. They are turrible against the run, I can see this being a Cook game with Cousins attempting barely 20 passes.

Jefferson is still in play, I would just temper expectations of him being a WR1 this week.