AJ Brown ROS?

I may be getting AJ Brown in a trade but wondering about his ROS outlook?

bump up! :smiley:

Personally I just dont see the big numbers that he put up last year coming back. He will still be a useful WR2 but with Julio there, Henry’s workload and Tannehill not looking so prolific I think he’s going to be a fairly large step down from what was expected

should I take this trade at 2-3 record in a full ppr. I’m the 4th pick in the waiver this week, so I can get Booker, Darrel Williams, Gaskin or Kadrius Toney if I want to go WR. So I’ll get one of those.

I’m getting Dalvin Cook and AJ Brown for Patterson, AB, Connor

My team is
WR: Lamb, Thielen, AB, Mooney, Crowder
RB: Damien Williams, Connor, Carter, Kamara, Gibson
TE: Pitts

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Yeah Id be just fine with that. Its easier to find a WR than it is a stud RB having Kamara Cook and Gibson is a nasty combo for anyone to face. Patterson might keep it up but its a risk and youd be getting away from that.

sounds good, I’ll accept that trade. Hopefully this will help my team actually start winning haha

I would make that trade definitely. Sounds like you did!