AJ Green - Droppable?

Am I crazy? He’s a few weeks away from returning but with Cincy doing so poorly I’m thinking even if he comes back will it help much in the Playoffs?

I would hold on to him. And the reason being is I truly don’t think he plays another snap for the Bengals. However, I see them trading him this year to a contender. Their team is not doing so hot right now so I think they will do right by him and send him somewhere he wants to be. Last thing you want to do is drop him and hear two weeks later he is on the Patriots (gross) or the Seahawks or something like that.

However, if you absolutely need the roster spot then I would be ok dropping him. Even if he does get traded, no telling how much of a factor he will be after the injury.

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That’s a good point but there’s a lot of rumors going around right now that you may be able to sell him based on that. I would not drop him. He’s still a solid WR if he plays and as of now you can try to trade him on the possibility he has when he gets back

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Yeah, I was actually going to attempt trading him for Tyreek Hill. Probly not going to slip that one past the goalie though…

How do y’all about this trade?

Hearing Green could end up with the packers has me worried now lmao

I’m not sold that Rudolph is going to make JuJu fantasy relevant. So it’s basically 2 for Carson and a prayer. If you’re trading away the 3 then I’d say you’re winning that one.

Yeah I have the 3