AJ Green Dropped, Pick up?

A.J. Green was just dropped in my league. I have plenty of depth at RB and WR and 2nd in my league. Is he worth a stash for a playoff run?

Good god yes, get him now asap

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Yes absolutely. That’s a league winning pickup I can’t believe somebody dropped him.

Sometimes I wonder why people ask questions like this, like the answer in insanely obvious.

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The guy who dropped him should quit the league lol

lets not shame the guy for consulting the community before he does something its what keeps the forums alive

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I’m one who can easily overthink something even though it’s obvious. It’s usually just for confirmation and I appreciate the feedback! Thanks everyone!

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Not shaming anything, I didn’t call names or insult Anyone. I just don’t get these posts.

Someone dropped a top 10 wideout, do I drop Trequan Smith for AJ Green? Do I drop Ito smith for Aj Green? It just doesn’t make sense.

I’ve seen posts about “was offered names Antonio brown for frank gore and Courtland Sutton, do I take it?” Not specifically that but I’ve seen stuff like that. It’s just common sense. Like it makes me feel people post these ridiculous comments for attention only. It’s like asking “man this guy just offered me $1000 for my stick of butter, do I take it?” Lol it’s just funny to me.

Not trying to shame anyone, just wish some people used common sense. And I only say that cause these forums are flooded with humble brags about ridiculous trades they got and questions that are easily answered with common sense.

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