Aj green dynasty

Was offered the 1.05 and 2.05 this year for green. Other receivers are a-rob and Allison. Worth the trade? 12 team .5 ppr dynasty

Are you a contender or not?

It’s my first season, I took over a team. I have Watson, kamara, white, Engram as well.

So to be honest not too sure.

What is your full team?

Personally I’d say no. AJ I think still has a few years of high level production in him and if he is bit luckier with injuries he can finish higher up the rankings too.

If you’re committed to rebuild sure but I’m not convinced in this years rookies.

Nope i agree with the rookies are not that great part. But Aj is turning 31 this year before the season starts. So he is getting older and with his injury history I aint a big fan.

But maybe ask 2019 and 2020 1st round? Or 2020 1st en 2n 2019?

I was interested in brown or Harry from asu honestly. Am worried about injuries

I get the intrest but i dont think you get either one of them at 1.05. Think they are both gone within the 1.03 atleast that is what i think pre draft.

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I was thinking at least one rb and te would go top 5 along with Murray maybe Haskins depending on who drafts them?

It sounds to me like you’d prefer to move AJ on. I think its worth asking a bit more though. Can always meet back at this offer if the other team won’t budge and you’re happy with it.

Bit more like a player? Or another pick

Qb’s wont go at the top picks. At least not imo and experience. But everything is possible.

Yeah I agree with mister Bird that you can ask more. Like i said 2 1st maybe? Or a 1st and a player.

I’ll inquire about it for sure

I think the boat has sailed on getting two 1sts for AJ Green.

This seems like a reasonable offer. If I was rebuilding than I think I would make that deal to acquire the picks. However, it’s worth offering the owner of the 1.04 or the 1.03 the same deal…

I agree with @fun4willis if you can get a top 5 rookie pick plus a high two (or two 1sts) for Green i would take it. He will still be productive but he is an injury risk and he could have a new team and/or new QB next year as he is in the last year of his deal and no talk of extensions and Dalton can be cut for free i believe.

Based on your roster i suspect you have a decent set of rookie picks yourself? You are set at QB with Watson/Trubisky RB1 with Kamara and TE with Engram/Hurst but if you trade Green will have major holes at WR and you need a solid RB2 - White and Hines are good depth/flex players.

WR wise Arob should hopefully take a step forward but he’s a WR2 for me and Allison could be something but only got a 1 year deal and is really a WR3/4. You should IMO take the best 1st and 2nd pick offers for Green (two 1sts if you can) and Brady and start the rebuild with all the WR/RB rookies you can get tbh.

May have to trade to a couple of the contenders though for Brady and maybe Green - wont get as higher draft capital but you may be able to get a second year player who didn’t make an impact yet and a pick. I’d see whats out there for those guys though, you need to reload at WR and RB in a fairly big way