Aj green for Conner and damaris Thomas?

Would you trade aj green for the bell backup and damaris Thomas?? I am thinking about offering this trade to someone in a league or is that not enough with the uncertainty of bell for the season I read an article that bell can sit till week 10 and then sign the tag and get paid for all 16 games plus playoffs at this point I feel he will probably sit till then it doesn’t make sense financially for him to do anything else at this point considering hes playing for a pay day in the offseason what are your thoughts guys and girls

He can’t sit till week 10 then get paid for all 16 games. He can sit till week 10 and still be a free agent at the end of the season. If he doesn’t report by Saturday he loses his paycheck for week 1, which is about $850K.

That being said, who knows how long he is going to hold out anyway. I’ve got Conner in my league and I can’t decide whether to try to sell him to the Bell owner, buy Bell from them, or just sit pretty with what I’ve got.

If Bell reports on Sunday then Conner is nothing more than a 1-2 week rental, in which case that would be a terrible trade for the AJ Green owner. But if Bell doesn’t report till November, then Conner is a solid RB2 with high RB1 upside, in which case I would probably do it as the Green owner. So there’s no real way of knowing. It comes down to how the individuals in your league expects things to work out. You can almost certainly get the highest asking price for Conner from the Bell owner in your league though