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Aj Green for Crabtree?


Had a fellow agree on sending me Green for my Crabtree. I’m tempted, but am hesitant need some support. Crabtree on better offense


It’s tough. I’m sure most folks would tell you to pull the trigger, but as a DeAndre Hopkins owner last year, I know how much a bad QB can destroy your top tier receiver.

Dalton is looking like garbage. That’s going to impact AJ Green big time. Crabtree is getting the looks from Carr in the red zone, so this is a tough one.


Thx for reply. I keep going back and forth. AJ Green was a buy low candidate on one of these guys podcasts. I keep flipping back and forth on this. I would think Dalton would figure his shit out soon, he’s done it before.


This to me is honestly a no-brainer… accept that trade as fast as you can…


Buy low, sell high. Cinci just played 2 of the best defenses in the league, one of which on 4 day rest. AJ is the man in Cinci and Crabtree, while I love him too, has more of a target share with Coop.


I agree with most, But green always seems to pull out in the end barring injury. I would hold out a bit longer… especially since they got a new offensive coordinator.