AJ Green for DeMarco and Amari?

I was thinking of offering the trade of DeMarco Murray and Amari Cooper for AJ Green and Isaiah Crowell. My current receivers are Michael Thomas Amari Cooper and Marvin Jones. My running backs are Bell, Melvin Gordon, Abdullah, DeMarco, and Dion Lewis. I was thinking of selling high on a Mari and giving up DeMarco as a sweetener and getting back Isaiah Crowell just so I can get a running back in return. What does the Foot Clan think?

If the AJ Green owner goes for it then yes I would do that 110%. I doubt they will even think about it though.

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I don’t think an inconsistent Murray and 1 stud performance from Cooper is going to be enough to get AJ Green, but If you can get it I would definitely go for it


Idk if i would do that if I’m the AJ Green owner, but if you can make that trade happen I would do it.

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Sweet. Im gonna.hope for the best. Thanks!