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AJ Green for Dez


AJ for Dez straight up?


What is your rational for this trade? My guess is AJ was your #1 overall pic, you are going into week 3. I would hang on for at least 1 more week if not 2. They have a new OC let’s see what he’s about. Dez is a good player but let’s be honest, the issue in Cinny isn’t AJ it’s play calling and that O-line. Give him a chance.


It was offered to me. I have Jordy too. Mike Wright is really high on Dez. Just getting others thoughts on it.


Ahhh ok, now I see. Man like I said Dez is a great receiver but AJ is too. Is 6 of one half a dozen another. I don’t think you would lose out either way. I have Dez in one off my leagues and I’m using him as trade bait, K. Allen, A. Brown are my other big WR. Heck make the trade because at least Dak can stay upright.