AJ green for E Sanders?

With Sanders going to 49ers what you guys think?

Depends how sanders clicks with jimmy. You’ll have to wait maybe two weeks. They only have 200 passing yards a game. No receiver has been relevant yet on a weekly basis. Greens practicing but rumors around CINCY dalton could get moved and the line is still trash. From a disappointed hometown fan here

Yeah that’s why I’m kind of why I’m asking, Sanders will finally have a great passing QB again and since they have been able to run it efficiently he could be great, while the bengals are just in a horrible state

Great passing QB in Garappolo? I don’t think I would go that far. He’s never been a high volume guy but if they can mesh I could see Sanders being a solid every week WR2. I would expect him to average 60 yd/game (~900yd season) and a few touchdowns to end the year out. He’ll compete with Kittle for targets.

I’ve been sitting on AJ and feel your pain just waiting for good news. At this point I’m waiting for a trade for him to relevent.