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AJ Green for Kennan Allen and Tyreek Hill?


Currently I am 1-4 in a 14 team, 3 person KEEPER, standard league (David Johnson owner)
Currently my lineup is:
QB: Palmer
RB: Doug Martin
WR: AJ Green (Bye Week)
WR: Funchess
FLEX: Ajayi
TE: Brate
Bench: David Johnson
Bench: Alex Collins
Bench: Tyrell Williams
Bench: JJ Nelson
Bench: Sammy Watkins

Should I offer to trade AJ Green for Keenan Allen and Tyreek Hill? If it helps this would be to the owner of the team I am playing this week.


ya thats not a bad deal could shake things up


What do you have to lose?


I guess only downside would be its a 3 person keeper league and i would be losing the option to keep Green for next year.


Very true, I guess its your call. 1-4 says you should maybe start playing for the future


I would easily do this. Sure you are giving up a great player in AJ Green but you are still receiving 2 WR1s. I don’t think it would hurt your team and you could use one of the two guys as trade bait later on if they have a blowup game


Yeah good point, and 8 out of 14 teams make the playoffs so despite starting so bad i’m still only a game out of 8th