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AJ Green for Ty Montgomery


AJ Green for Ty Montgomery in a ppr league, my other receivers are Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr with Tyreek Hill. My backs are jay ajayi and Isaiah Crowell. Should I propose this trade?


I would definitely not. Would they accept Tyreek for Montgomery?


They initially declined it, I only pose this question because my situation calls for another running back I feel. I also feel like I have an overflow of good receivers so whats the point if I still have to sit one a week?


Yah I agree you need another RB but AJ Green for Ty Montgomery isn’t even close to equal. Just looked on the FantasyPros week 2 trade value chart - AJ’s value is 59 (4th highest of all receivers) Ty Mont’s value is 27 (15th highest of all backs). Do you have a flex? Playing Julio, Beckham, AJ would be something I would never want to give up.


Yeah but I don’t think I will even play Odell beckham jr this week because unless I know 100%, I have an easy matchup and can put in tyreek.


What do you think about AJ green and Isaiah Crowell for Ty Montgomery and Marshawn Lynch then?


Even if you just offered him for those two, the person would be stupid not to take it. https://www.fantasypros.com/2017/09/fantasy-football-trade-values-week-2/ Take a look at this, it at least gives you a baseline to make sure the deal works out for you.


I know but situations can skew those values, plus 2 RB for 1 WR is just a hard thing to sell, crowell would just sit on the bench at that point anyways.


Im just curious as to how I can get a RB in a stingy league…


This is exactly how, by trading away one of the best WRs in the NFL, but why not target an elite back? Zeke, McCoy, Gordon, Freeman etc… Look at those teams who have those elite guys but maybe lack at WR.