AJ Green Full PPR Trade offer

Was offered AJ Green and Crowell for Alex Collins and E. Sanders… I hate that offer but I think I could replace Crow with Burkhead which is more appealing… what do you guys think about either trade? Full PPR.

My RBs:
M. Gordon
C. McCaffrey
A. Collins
J. Williams
J. Conner
J. Wilkins

My WRs
T. Hill
J. Edelman
E. Sanders
K. Cole
N. Agholor

i really dont think you need to do this trade. if its just green you want you should just do straight up for him.

Youd do Collins straight up for Green?

yeah i would try it. i think sanders has a good season and would hold on him. and do you really want crowell over anyone in your current roster? except for maybe wilkins. if anyone i would bunch agholor and collins if they dont go for the straight up trade.

No I dont lol… I think thats the problem though… I think AJ has more value than Collins… but Sanders has way more value than crowell… honestly crow would be up for a drop by tomorrow when i pick up my K lol

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i dont know i always lean towards RB over WR. Green is great and all but eifert is healthy for now john ross could be something and mixon is being used more in passing downs. does any of that affect green, i dont know. i just think BAL offense is gonna go through collins.

How many WR, RB, F do you start each week? I think that’s a determining factor.

I would definitely snag Brukhead for Crowell if you could. Even with that though, I personally am not crazy about it. I might be undervaluing AJ but it’s really tough not to with how Cincy was last year.

You’re RB’s are pretty solid but your depth takes a big hit to me without Collins. I personally wouldn’t take it but I’m somewhat risk-averse. Especially since TY is your top WR and juju is your second (which to me are both high upside but potential to fall flat) I would hate losing the consistency of Sanders and Collins.

i’d say no

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agreed i would just rather have an rb in the flex than a wr. but collins for a good number one reciever is a fair trade. and you have enough rb depth for it to be worth it

oh agreed. I was typing my response before I saw the other posts. I’d go Green for Collins straight up but only because you’ve got a really solid starting 2 RB’s

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yeah its hard to forget what cincy did last year. i just think he has the rb depth to do it if he wants to upgrade at wr.

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Based on your team composition, I wouldn’t make that trade. You’ll be thin at RB. You’re good at WR and you don’t want to stretch yourself too far.