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AJ Green or Gronk?


Hello all. I have to pick a second keeper. I already have Zeke Elliott and I need to choose btwn Gronk or AJ Green for my second keeper. ESPN league. Standard (non ppr) scoring


If they both cost you the same thing, definitely AJ Green


If they cost the same I agree AJ. How many teams in the league?


10 team league


yeah the cost is the same.


i didnt even read your post before i was saying AJ green. then i read it, and its still AJ green. having a top RB and top WR is invaluable. you can replace a gronk pretty easy. i can get a guy in the 9th round who is going to score 50 points less than gronk. if i try to replace AJ green in the 9th round, its going to be more like 115 points lost.


Very good point Buster. I was thinking along those lines too. Thanks!


Buster is spot on. AJ was on pace for over 1700 yards before he went down.


I’d be doing a little dance if I started any draft with Zeke and AJ. On top of that, the potential to just stream TEs in a 10 team league is great!
I posted some numbers for another early TE question and I think it helps to show why taking one early is generally less advantageous:


Decision made. Thanks guys. This definitely wont be the last question I pose to the forum


im just excited i could help chuck norris out. its like a dream come true.