AJ Green or Robert woods

i just got offered a trade. Robert woods (which i have) for AJ Green. its a half ppr league. i’m intrigued by this trade but still unsure about it.


Give me AJ Green. Woods is excellent too but AJ is a top 8 WR in the league to me. Can’t go wrong with either but i just prefer to the better talent.

i agree that green is the better talent in this. my concern going forward is the schedules they face. it seems to me that woods has an easier schedule?

schedules are cool and all when the talent level is close. I don’t think its close in this particular instance. And green is the #1. And I like how Lazer is moving him around the formation to get him open / feed him with targets this season.

i think i might do it then. i’m currently in second place. my other receivers are juju, diggs, jeffrey and woods as of now.