AJ Green or Terry McLaurin?

I’m leary about McLaurin lasting the whole game with his injury. Help footclan!

You still have to go with McLaurin right now. AJ Green just isn’t getting it done this year. Yes, this COULD be the week he finally does, but I’d prefer the higher floor here and that’s Scary Terry.

These “did not practice Friday” tags is what always made me consider a healthy option. I love Terry over all receivers on my roster but if he reaggravates the injury in the first quarter its toast

Thanks for the input Branhammer!

Personally I would ride the lightning and start Terry. He is by far the beat option on his team and I think he gets it done in this hard match up.
Now to be honest I benched Terry. But I’m starting Devonte Adam’s, Robert woods and Adam Thielan so I had some options.

Good call boys! I don’t know what to do other than drop Green for FA scraps. Gesiki at least is scoring some kind of points out there…geebz