AJ Green Return Value?

I drafted Green, and been holding onto him in the hope that when he returns he’s, well, AJ Green.

Do you think that when he’s back, he’ll actually still be AJ Green? Reliable as a WR 1/2 every week, just like he’s always been? Love to hear your thoughts

Probably won’t be like the past seasons. He’ll still be good. If he gets traded to a team he can get a boost like WR2 with upside. If he’s still in the bengals I think more of a flex play but some upside. I’d maybe compare him to a Larry fitz type guy. Could be wrong but I don’t see him playing as a top 5 WR.

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I’m split. On the one hand, he’s older, coming off an injury, and the Bengals have been so bad.

On the other hand though, he’s come back from injury before and maintained his elite-level, and he’s till with Dalton. The Bengals are playing from behind every single game, which should mean he’ll see a ton of targets.

I’m just weighing whether he’s worth stashing until his return, or if I should try to trade him for someone

I tried trading mclaurin for him but other guy declined and never countered anything.