AJ Green Trade Proposal

I’m thinking of offering Connor and Marvin Jones to the Bell owner for AJ Green. Any thoughts on that?

I’m pretty set at RB with Zeke, Gordon, Burkhead, Kerryon, and Lynch and a little shallow on WR

I like that trade for you. I would offer that to the bell owner

Who are your WRs?

That’s a good offer. And makes sense for both parties.

I prefer the AJ green side.

So this is interesting, he countered with my Diggs and Connor for his Bell and Green…

In a .5 PPR I’d have the following WR
Green, Hill, Jones Jr, and Cole

I feel like this is an obvious yes, but with all things going on with Bell I need a sanity check

Given your RB depth i’d do it, you have more than enough to stash Bell and when he’s back you can Roll Zeke, Bell, Gordon, Hill and Green as your core which is seriously strong.