AJ Green Trade thoughts

I just got offered David Montgomery and Miles Sanders for AJ Green.

Thoughts? I would be trading away Green and currently have Galloday, Tyrell WIlliams, Diggs, Landry and C Samuel as WRs…

I’m in the same boat, drafted green kinda high, but need something. Starting to shop him, cuz I don’t know if he’s going to be productive this season

Another Green owner here. I’d make that trade if someone offered it to me. You have enough options at WR (and you’ve been surviving without Green anyway).
Do you need much help at RB? I guess if you’re stacked at RB may as well hold on to Green

Could use some depth at rb forsure. Have bell Michel and McKissic now but that’s it. After seeing him willing to do this just makes me wonder if I can do better

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His RBs are Jacobs, Coleman, freeman sanders hunt and Montgomery. Think I should go for one of the others?

That’s a tough one. Coleman and Freeman are interesting targets. No way you get Jacobs unless you package up something nice.
I think given Green hasn’t played this year, and there’s uncertainty as to when he comes back (or if he gets traded) Monty and Sanders seems pretty fair

Just not real high on either of those guys so don’t know if it’s worth it. Might as well see if green pays off if I’m just going to get two bench guys anyway.

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