AJ Green Trade? What to do?

So… i have started getting trades in a 12 team Dynasty for AJ Green. I have no depth at the position. How far to I go to recover?

RB: Elliot, DJ
WR: J. Jones, TY, A. Wilson
Flex: J. Howard, Lat Murr

Bench worth mentioning
M. Lee, Hogan, Goodwin, T. Taylor, Hardman

what offers have u received?

Well… I been in talks for weeks with one guy and since the Injury the best I got was Royce Freeman and JJ Arcega-Whiteside

I’d hold on to him if that’s the only offer. Wait until he has one or two fantastic games and see what you can get at that point.

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I agree with @DoddSquad. Hold him for a better offer.

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Do you consider yourself a contender or are your rebuilding?

If you are rebuilding, JJAW and Royce Freeman are attractive assets. Can you squeeze a 2nd out of the trade partner on top of that?

I felt like a contender this year. That is why I wasnt willing to give up Green a month ago, when i was in trade talks with the same guy. I also already grabbed 7 draft picks for next year.

That comment seems backwards to me. Can you expand on your thoughts?

For me, as a contender I would likely keep Green. In a rebuild I would be looking to trade him.

Sorry if it was confusing. I have been in trade talks for months with Green as a major asset. I didnt want to trade him since I am a contender. I still think he will gelp my team, i am just might struggle at the beginning, with him possibly missing time. I am no where near rebuild stage. Haha.

Thanks for all the comments everyone!